Why we need more teen leaders

1 Posted by - October 31, 2013 - Press

Why we need more Teen Leaders

Leaders have always stood out in front of the crowds. The stereotypes include: tall height, great posture, and confidence in body and voice. Not all leaders are like that though. Some are introverted and some have lesser social skills but its okay. Leaders come in all shapes and sizes, ethnicities, personalities, and expertise. Also, all leaders take the helm for a team of members to bring their ideas to fruition. However, too few of them seem to be existing in the younger generations.

The main reason we need more teen leaders (and probably the most significant) is because this generation of teenagers will eventually be the next generation of adults. The leaders of major corporations won’t be here at some point and this means we either need replacements for their successful companies or have people to spearhead their own ideas to bring about new companies (assisted, of course, by the help of resources found here at EnvisionWith.Me).

The other problem, from a teenage perspective, is that many teens simply do not see themselves as leaders. Especially in educational environments, there are few opportunities for teens to practice as leaders and because of this, they don’t feel qualified. It’s important to understand that being a leader is not limited to the leaders “born with it”.

I want to let you guys know that everyone can be a leader regardless of who you are. If you have an idea for a product or service you want to see happen, go for it. None of you guys should ever feel like you can’t make your idea real. Do prepare to work hard and build your team. Use the content we have for you guys on our site and you’ll accomplish great things.