Follow the Leader

2 Posted by - March 11, 2014 - Press

As you take on a leadership role in any context, a lot of the group’s attention switches to you. Because of this, many new leaders follow the groups lead and focus on themselves as well, which is a big mistake. In any leadership position, it’s all about the group. The most brilliant and inventive plan ever created could easily be brought down by a group that is not engaged. One of the most important this you can do to prevent this is to create a good atmosphere and group dynamic. In this endeavor, passion and positivity are key. As a leader, starting the group off with examples of friendly and professional interactions, hard work and accountability will do wonders for group dynamic. The atmosphere in a productive group should always be exciting, passionate, and inviting. If the group feels welcome to learn new things and develop new skills, things will get done more quickly, more efficiently, and more willingly. The group will follow your example in more ways than you would think, and it is important to keep that in mind. The largest part of being a leader is not making decisions for people or directing people, but creating a team that can work and learn well together.