It’s Okay For Visionaries To Be Cheerleaders

3 Posted by - October 30, 2013 - Press

It is important to find a buddy that can assist you when launching your dreams. Many teenagers have yet to receive support on their dream visions from friends and family. During the time periods when you do not have support, you have to become your own cheerleader. As a visionary, you are making a commitment to launch your vision — not anyone else’s vision. The only person that can keep you from achieving your vision is yourself.  When you do not have someone to work with, you are going to have to take on the responsibility of motivating yourself.

Here are three simple steps to help you motivate yourself:

1) Create Short Term Goals

When working by yourself set extremely short term goals that lead to completing a long term goal. Many visionaries are so eager to work they make a mistake by setting very high long term goals that they want to achieve in a short period of time. For a beginning visionary, the rigor of achieving that extremely, should we say “eager goal” can be very discouraging and can lead to disappointment. Thankfully, we can flip the situation on its head.  For example, instead of making 1,000 dollars in a week try 10 dollars. It is easier and allows you to become more confident. Soon you will be able to make $20 a week, then $30, $60 etc., until you finally reach one thousand.

2) Make Promises and Reminders

Do what ever you need to do in order to stay true to your vision. You can write it down on a piece of paper or even make a visionary box. Be sure to sign your name to your vision to make it official. Look at it daily by hanging it up on your bathroom mirror or beside your bed. If you sign your name with hesitation, you may want to select another vision. Always remember that you can’t have success without a little bit of failure. When you get frustrated and feel like quitting, take another look at your vision. Never stop. Anything is possible.

3) Visualize the future

Do not focus to much on getting things done that seem impossible as you work hard on your vision. Those will magically come to you as you make simple progress. Launching your vision successfully is like building a house. A few bricks may look like nothing with you them  down; however, your end result looks amazing after you finish building. Iff you ever find yourself wanting to give up, Don’t Stop! Continue. Imagine how awesome your end result is going to look once you laying down all your bricks. Your end result of a house will definitely be worth it.

Follow the steps above I’m positive you will become more confident as you continue to explore visionary life. Woo hoo!