5 Crazy Tips & Tricks for The Viral Game 2048

6 Posted by - March 30, 2014 - Press
My Best Score as of now

My Best Score as of now

What Is 2048?

It is a simple puzzle game and the goal is to achieve the tile 2048. To achieve your goal, you must to slide the numbered tiles around on a 4×4 grid until two tiles of the same value collide. You will eventually create a 2048 tile or get stuck and lose. You can play this game online and download it in the App Store or Google Play.


Tips and Tricks

  •  As I played 2048 I discovered that a good strategy to achieve the coveted 2048 tile is to separate the larger and smaller tiles by limiting your movements to only 3 of the 4 available directions.
  • Additionally, isolating your largest tile in the corner will enable you to more easily group the rest of the tiles.
  •  Gaming involves a myriad of complex strategies and this is a perfect example. Remember not to try to rush for the 2048 tile, as it can penalize you with multiple 2’s and 4’s. Instead, keep calm and strategize. Envision the next set of moves you’re going to make. You need to constantly be visualizing the grid and making intelligent moves.
  •  Be aware of which tiles are coming in to the field and where they are placed. You will start off with a lot of 2’s but after a while they will be grouped and you need to know how to make use of the smaller tiles when you have larger numbers.
  • On the iPhone Version there is a trick where if you double swipe quickly enough, both tiles will spawn on the other side of the game.

Now it is your turn, post your highest score and add any more tips and tricks you can find. Good Luck!