A Visionary Leadership Club for Teenage Visionaries

EnvisionWith.Me’s flagship program, Visionary Club (VC), is a student led program dedicated to helping teenage visionaries discover their own understanding of what it means to be a visionary and a leader. Visionary Officers teach students about self directing and collaboration while at the same time providing resources and funds for them to achieve their goals. Selected students have been nominated by teachers to participate in Visionary Club 2014. Over the course of six months, aspiring visionaries, will engage in hands on visionary activities, improve their public speaking skills, meet other talented visionaries in their school, and make positive changes in their community. Visionaries who come with the intent of strengthening themselves as a leader, making a commitment to their visions as well as fulfilling other world-changing ideas via effectively communicating and collaborating with other visionaries enjoy a life changing club experience.

The EnvisionWith.Me Visionary Box


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