Designing Your Path to Success using the Visionary Box

The Visionary Box

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Engineered for the impossible.

You have the power to inspire your students, wow your friends, kickstart a meeting, or cultivate creative mindsets within an audience. Using the Visionary Box designed with love by visionaries at EnvisionWith.Me, you will help talented people, like you, design their own path to success. This incredible design exercise allows individuals or teams to visualize the future by tackling obstacles that seem impossible. Throughout the process, they will discover their own unique entrepreneurial characteristics, build upon their leadership skills, and master the concept of transparency and the importance of family.

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Justin Harris

Currently living in Durham, North Carolina, I lead all operations at EnvisionWith.Me. My team of visionaries and I design resources for youth who pursue their dream visions with unconventional passion.

The Visionary Box is truly a magical design challenge that helps teenagers identify their passion. Nothing is more important than passion. Nothing. It explains our WHY behind what we do.

Aside from tackling obstacles that seem impossible, I have a passion for wrestling, duke basketball, human rights, Apple technology, and videography.

Contact me via email (Jharris@EnvisionWith.Me) to learn more about my passions, books, tools, and talks. I would be honored to speak at your next event.