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Thank you for your interest in EnvisionWith.Me Visionary Clubs.  Justin and his Visionary Staff can’t wait to meet with you!

2. Basic Overview

Our mission is to design resources that inspire teens to identify their passions. Our vision is to help teenage visionaries launch their dreams with unconventional passion.

Visionary Clubs are designed to teach students entrepreneurial, leadership, and technology skills that they do not learn in the typical classroom environment. These are skills that you will need as a Visionary Officer to succeed in helping other teens launch their dreams. Don’t worry, check out the video below. After you enroll, you’ll have all the materials and curriculum needed to run a Visionary Club at your school.

3. Pay Membership Dues

Visionary Adviser — $129/yr

Visionary Officer — $100/yr

Visionary — $75

The Alumni Network will open August 22nd.

Membership dues cover tickets for the annual Visionary Conference, access to the Alumni Network, and an inspirational t-shirt. Visionaries receive Visionary Booklets. Visionary Officers receive access to the Officer Discovery Course in addition to a copy of the Visionary Booklet.