Visionary Officers

Justin E. Harris

Chief Visionary



Justin founded EnvisionWith.Me with one goal in mind — to help teenage visionaries launch their dreams. Currently living in Durham, North Carolina, he works with the ECHHS Visionary Club. On any random day, he loves hanging out with friends, inspiring others to land their dreams, wrestling, and making weird animal noises.

Cole Jenson

Strategic Visionary



Cole helped establish EnvisionWith.Me in November 2012. Apart from school work and visualizing the future at EnvisionWith.Me, Cole enjoys traveling, listening to music, and is the captain of his high school wrestling team. In his spare time, he likes to mess around with his friends.

Ethan Mikhail




Ethan joined EnvisionWith.Me in September 2013. Along with Justin, Ethan shares the same passion for helping teenage visionaries achieve their dreams. He is always committed to tackling obstacles that seem impossible in order to achieve success. He wrestles, plays ultimate frisbee, and enjoys getting work done while having fun and making people laugh.

Calvin Newman



Calvin is a Junior at East Chapel Hill High School and started working on the EnvisionWith.Me project in 2011. He manages our social media accounts, organizes events, and makes sure everyone is informed about the latest news from EnvisionWith.Me. His hobbies consist of playing golf, driving, and relaxing with his family on the weekend.

Himanshu Lakhani



Himanshu resides in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and coordinates our fundraising projects. When he is not doing that, he spends his time playing league of legends.