Our alumni consists of visionaries who have participated in at least one EnvisionWith.Me program: Visionary Club (VC), EnvisionWith.Me v1.0, Unity Club, and the 2012 EnvisionWith.Me Special Events.

Wild Facts about Visionary Club Alumni

  • They always give hugs!
  • They can read minds.
  • They are self directed learners.
  • They randomly find other visionaries and bond immediately.
  • They believe Visionary Leadership is a lifestyle.

Whether you were selected to participate in Visionary Club 2014 or plan on starting your own VC next year, you are part of the family of visionaries! EnvisionWith.Me congratulates all of its alumni. We encourage you to stay connected to EnvisionWith.Me and to each other. Alumni have exclusive access to the EnvisionWith.Me professional network. As you expand on your vision(s), we hope our resources will continue to inspire you to make positive change int he world.