What’s this all about?

EnvisionWith.Me was developed for teenagers interested in exploring visionary life. We love to tackle obstacles that seem impossible in order to launch their visions successfully. On our site, you’ll find advice and resources that will guide you to making a positive impact in your community.

Dream visions from a visionary can consist of non­profits, projects, career ideas and are not limited to ideas for a “profitable business”. Not all of us are entrepreneurs; however, most entrepreneurs start out as visionaries. Use the power of interpretation to discover what it means to be a visionary to you. As visionaries, we love searching for new ways to make the impossible “possible”. Huge shout out to Badger, a small orange,  and WordPress for allowing us to bring EnvisionWith.Me to life! And a special shout out goes to you. We could not help teens launch their dreams without your support.

EnvisionWith.Me was additionally fueled by hours of macklemore, long nights, coke, passion, and sacrifice.

What does a visionary mean to you?

Our Vision

In Fall of 2013, we put our professional platform on hold to publish something radically different. EnvisionWith.Me is a youth led venture focused on cultivating a network of resources for teenage visionaries. Magical keys are discovered every day which unlock doors to golden opportunities. Our resources help teenagers define their own definition of a visionary. We challenge visionaries to question the status quo, tackle ‘impossible” obstacles, and make an impact in their community. You and your friends will have the opportunity to learn about every aspect of a visionary through effective communication, collaboration, and self directed learning the art, your heart, and ultimately where to start to help you “dream, connect, and achieve.”