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Membership for the EnvisionWith.Me Alumni Network | EnvisionWith.Me Alumni
EnvisionWith.Me Alumni

EnvisionWith.Me Alumni Network.

Smile! It’s time to visualize the future.

Adult Adviser
7 Conference Tickets
Alumni Network
Adviser Discovery Course
50 Visionary Stickers
Visionary Officer
4 Conference Tickets
Alumni Network
Officer Discovery Course
10 Visionary Stickers
2 Conference Tickets
Alumni Network
Visionary Booklet

All memberships include

Visionary Conference Tickets

For the past 4 years, EnvisionWith.Me has gathered mentors, parents, educators, and administrators to help teenage visionaries do what they love and love what they do.


Visionary Lightbulb

Alumni Network

You're not alone. Connect with other visionary clubs, advisors and professional companies from around the world for advice or collaboration opportunities.



Inspirational T-Shirt

Learn what you want, review when you want, from our discovery course. You'll receive in depth training to prepare you for Visionary Club.


Unlimited Access Option 1

Unlimited Access

Learn what you want, review when you want, from 1 of our 2 discovery courses. All discovery courses provide in depth training to prepare you for maintaining a Visionary Club.


Unlimited Access Option 2

New Courses — Monthly

Advisors and professional companies are continually adding content to our network; therefore, the value of your membership never stops growing.

Membership FAQ


Who can join the EnvisionWith.Me Alumni Network? 

Students who are interested in participating in their local Visionary Club.


What's the difference between a Visionary membership, Visionary Officer membership, and Adult Advisor membership?

All memberships provide the same materials except for the discovery course.


What's a discovery course?

Discovery courses are two week training courses designed specifically for visionaries, officers, and advisors. They provide all the necessary tools to do GOOD in the world.


Where is the 2015 Visionary Conference taking place? When and what time? 



Does EnvisionWith.Me offer financial assistance for membership?

Yes! Thanks to our donors and paid members, we are able present all young visionaries with the opportunity to launch their dream visions despite their current economic status.


Have another question? 

Justin Harris, Chief Visionary of EnvisionWith.Me, is available to answer any questions you have. Feel free to give him a call at 1 (919) 402-7434 or send us a message.



Risk Free
If you need to cancel your membership for ANY reason, just send us an email and it’s done.


No questions asked. No weird fine print.



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