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Justin Harris [ Chief Visionary ]


Tyler French [ Design ]


Ethan Mikhail [ Online Courses ]


Cole Jenson [ Camps ]


The Dream 

Justin attempted to sign up for LinkedIn back in 2010. He was deterred by the lack of teenagers on the network due to their previous requirement of individuals who were at least 18 years of age. That's when he quickly discovered that most adults don't take ideas from kids seriously. He dreamed of an entrepreneurial network for teens, but found only informational sites and loosely managed forums when surfin' the web.

The Spark 

Originally founded in 2012 as a professional platform for teenage visionaries with help from Jon Bon Jovi, the White House, and Spark Action, EnvisionWith.Me quickly gained over 200 visionaries dedicated to tackling obstacles that seemed impossible. Visionaries used our online professional network to connect with others, build a team, and launch their dreams. However, we completely changed our direction when taking a step forward by putting our platform on hold to publish something radically different. 

The Action

We're talking about something that allows visionaries to visualize with a purpose. Something radically different from a professional network. We established ‘Visionary Life’ (our entrepreneurial/leadership resources) for Visionary Clubs (our program within schools) before building the Alumni Network. We love to inspire others and aim to provide teenagers with the proper tools to develop and expand their dream visions both personally and professionally. Our resources benefit visionaries whether they are starting a project, non-profit, club, or social venture. Many teenagers are not aware that they can launch their dream visions. Visionaries can now use the Visionary Box to comprehend how to tackle obstacles that seem impossible. 

Huge shout out to Badger, SiteGround, WordPress, and BuddyPress teams for allowing us to bring the EnvisionWith.Me Alumni Network to life! Also, a special shout out goes to YOU! We could not help teens launch their dreams without your support.

EnvisionWith.Me was additionally fueled by hours of macklemore, long nights, passion, and a great piece of advice.

Core Values

Effective Communication: We strongly believe in communicating effectively as a team to keep each other in the loop and prevent problems from occurring due to miscommunication errors.

Transparency: With the elimination of traditional corporate titles, there is no specific hierarchy within our Visionary Team at EnvisionWith.Me. Visionaries are more creative and bond together as a family when working with each other instead of for one another.

Having Fun: Simply put, we do what we love and love what we do. We’ve got passion. No energy drinks are required. Our passion energizes us.

Education: We are continually refreshing our knowledge, learning from our mistakes, and sharing our knowledge with others.

Be Magical: Visionary Leadership is a lifestyle. As visionaries, we visualize the future, tackle obstacles that seem impossible, defy the status quo, and make positive changes in the world. ‘Visionary Life’ is the closest lifestyle to living in a magical wonderland.

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